With Gauss, you can see the impact of your donation up close. You see the changes in lives of several students, like Matheus, Bruna, Lucas, Gabriela, Guilherme, contributing not only to their personal transformation, but also of their families and the reality that surround them.

We invest in lives, we believe in people. Do you believe that too? So come with us!

Your role is fundamental and you can make your contribution in several ways:


Associação Projeto Gauss

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Donate any amount, on a one-off or recurring basis.

Then, if you want, send the receipt to [email protected], with your full name and ID Number to receive your donation receipt.

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International Donations - Brazil Foundation

Your contribution will make a difference for Gauss to support another student to enter college and change their life.

If you are part of a company that wants to be partner of Gauss in a project, contact [email protected] and learn about the possibilities