Who we are

Gauss is a nonprofit organization that supports the development of underprivileged youngsters with great potential, with the goal of propelling them towards universities of excellence. To this end, it offers scholarships in preparatory courses, mentorship and multidisciplinary support. 

In a country where unequal distribution of wealth and challenges in public education represent major barriers for development, Gauss believes that investing in people through education is an essential tool for social transformation. 

By recognizing that the social context in which a person is born and raised can determine their future, and that with opportunity comes responsibility, Gauss brings together people who want to change lives and, consequently, the society and the country where we live.

We invest in lives, we believe in people!

We want to change this scenario!

Why Gauss?

The name Gauss comes from the renowned mathematician Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss (Braunschweig, 1777 – Göttingen, 1855), whose life history has inspired the activities of our organization. 

Born into a peasant family with few resources, Gauss showed signs of genius capacity since he was a child. His father discouraged him from studying, but his illiterate mother recognized the importance of fostering his intellect through education. Gauss managed to study full-time thanks to support from the Duke of Brunswick, a mentor who was impressed by his talent and believed in his potential. 

Gauss spent his life as a professor and authored works that shaped modern mathematics. He is recognized for his contributions not only to mathematics but also astronomy, geometry and many other fields.

Quem Faz


To provide talented but socially vulnerable youth with access to quality education through scholarships, mentoring and multidisciplinary support.


To be recognized as the most efficient leveraging tool to access quality education in Brazil by the socially vulnerable youth as well as interested members of society.







Executive Board

Deliberative Council

Fiscal Council


  • Alex Marini Aun
  • Ana Carolina Salomão Queiroz
  • Anderson Araujo Silva
  • André Cordelli Alves
  • André Hime Funari
  • André Luís Macagnan Freire
  • Aricelia Maria Longo Milanese
  • Arthur Teixeira Mendes
  • Boni de Moraes Soares
  • Bruno Santos Oliveira
  • Daniel Alcântara de Oliveira Barbosa
  • Eduardo Filipe Birger Romani
  • Gabriel de Freitas Queiroz
  • Gisela Lobo Baptista Pereira Tartuce
  • Guilherme Feitosa Rosetti
  • Hanna Vieira do Carmo
  • Leandro Gouveia Felix
  • Leandro Mello Milanese
  • Matheus de Abreu Chagas
  • Patricia Santana da Silva
  • Paulo Hime Funari
  • Pedro Dinucci
  • Pedro Moraes Messias
  • Renato Franco Neto
  • Ricardo Berlinger Saraiva
  • Rodrigo de Salles Oliveira Malta Belda
  • Sami Grynwald
  • Samuel Guimarães Filho
  • Valéria Grossman Werneck de Oliveira
  • Victor Oliveira da Silva Figueiredo