To donate to Gauss Endowment Fund, please contact [email protected].

You can make a difference in the lives of Matheus, Vitória, Lucas, and of all the Gaussians we aim to support.

In 2019 Gauss established its own Endowment Fund with an initial donation made by André Longo Milanese, which was then complemented by further contributions. The Fund’s objective is to ensure the sustainability of Gauss’ projects, utilizing its investment earnings exclusively to support the organization’s operational expenses. Currently, the Fund’s AUM (Assets Under Management) stand at around US$ 530 thousand*; our goal is to reach US$ 1,8 million* over the next three years.

* Exchange rate BRL/USD 5.50

The Fund’s spending rate is limited to 5% of AUM, as of the end of each fiscal period.

Gauss’ Endowment Fund is held at Credit Suisse Brazil and managed by an Investment Committee made up of independent investment professionals. Its members are:

The Fund’s Investment Strategy, as defined in its IPS (Investment Policy Statement) seeks real (i.e. above inflation) capital appreciation in the long term, taking full advantage of its long investment horizon, low liquidity needs and high-risk tolerance.

BDO Brazil performs the Fund’s annual auditing, ensuring transparency and compliance with financial regulations.

Letter to the Endowment Fund investors