Being a mentor at Gauss means following the development of one student, through one academic year. 

Professionals with a college degree in any area can sign up to participate in our Volunteer Mentoring Program.  

The selection process evaluates the volunteer’s profile, involvement with the cause and time commitment through the service year. The minimum expected time each month for mentorship and related activities is five to six hours.

The two mentors selected for each student act jointly and complement each other, fostering the Gaussian’s development. It is very gratifying to follow their evolution!

Selection Process for Mentors

Registration form, resumé and motivational video.

Individual interview.

At the end of the process, Gauss contacts the selected individuals.


The selection process for Gauss mentors normally happens once a year, as follows:

Profile 1 mentors (8th and 9th grade students)

Profile 2 mentors (pre-college students)

Candidates should follow this page, which will be updated with each new selection process. It is very important to read the specific guidelines for the chosen city and follow all deadlines and directives, since each step can result in elimination. 

Mentor Photo Gallery