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4th place in Medicine at Sergipe’s Federal University fulfilled her mother’s dream, who freelanced as a carpenter to balance the finances during the pandemic.

Many have told me to try other courses, with lower grades. But I was stubborn', says Samara Santos de Carvalho, 19 years old.

04/26/2021 - G1 - Education

Projects that help public education reinvent themselves in the pandemics

With the suspension of in-class courses, initiatives seek ways to bypass the lack of technology access.

07/27/2020 - Deutsche Welle Brasil

Social Project opens selection process in Federal District for preparatory courses’ scholarships

Applications are free and candidates need to attest family income

09/26/2019 – ‘National Afternoon’ show – Brasília (EBC Radio)

Social Project opens selection process in Federal District for preparatory courses’ scholarships

NGO opens applications for public school students

09/01/2019 - G1 – Federal District (DF)

Social Project opens selection process to give scholarships to Federal District students that would like to study in public universities

NGO gives support to young people from DF, São Paulo and Sergipe

09/01/2019 - Rodrigo Matarazzo Blog

Gauss Project

Organization offers scholarships for low-income students

07/23/2019 – ‘Brazil School’

The life story of a participant of the tv show 'Who wants to be a millionaire" caused great commotion on the audience

Juliana Batista, Gauss Project’s beneficiary, tells her story at 'Caldeirão'

11/17/2018 – ‘Caldeirão do Huck’ show – Rede Globo

Learn about Gauss Project’s work

Gauss Project’s members talk about the NGO’s accomplishments

2018 - São Paulo Chamber TV

Former students organize social initiative

Gauss Project offers scholarships to low-income young people that wish to enter universities

2018 - USP Alumni Portal

Gauss Project offers opportunity for students

Former beneficiary Yuri Vinicius’s interview and tutors Pedro Messias and Daniel Barbosa

07/31/2018 – ‘SE on Air’ Show - Atalaia TV (Rede Record affiliate)

Gauss Project 

Gauss Project’s members talk about the NGO’s accomplishments

07/25/2018 – ‘Our Entity’ show - Alesp

Gauss Project takes vulnerable students to universities

Group invests in youth with will and potential, through financial aid and emotional support

03/21/2018 – Official Journal – São Paulo

Poli alumni have a project to help young people get into University of São Paulo (USP)

NGO offers scholarships to great potential young people from public schools that can’t afford preparatory courses

03/01/2018 - Catraca Livre

NGO offers scholarships to help students get into university

Gauss Project also supports scholar development and professional choices

03/01/2018 – Student Guide

Former students create organization to help young people study at University of São Paulo (USP)

Initiative offers scholarships for those who wishes to enter university

02/28/2018 - State of São Paulo Government Portal

Former students create NGO to help young people study at University of São Paulo (USP)

Graduates from Polytechnic School give preparatory courses scholarships for adolescents who dream of entering university

26/02/2018 - USP Newspaper

Engineers create NGO to help students enter public colleges

Gauss Project was created to help students who dreamt of entering a public university

11/17/2017 – General Balance Program – Record Television Network

NGO offers scholarships to help students enter universities

A crowdfunding for students with no money

11/16/2017 – Super

Gauss Project starts selection process for educational scholarships

Beginning of selection process for scholarship distribution to public school students

11/08/2017 – G1 – Sergipe (SE)

Learn about Gauss Project

Project gives low-income youth the opportunity to enter the best public universities

10/26/2017 – ‘Culture News’ show – Culture TV

Group sponsor students’ preparation for college-entering exams

Created in 2013 by four recently graduated engineers, Gauss Project have already placed four students in public universities

10/22/2017 - Estadão

Secretary welcomes Gauss Project’s team and establishes partnership

Initiative offers scholarships for students who intend to go to university

11/14/2016 - Sergipe’s Education, Sport and Culture Department Portal