We are on the same page. Literally. 

I want to change the world. You too. We know that a whole bunch of people think this is crazy. However, after having studied so much, how can they still think that we are crazy?

This is the point. We have studied and understood that education is the only solution, the only way to change things. But we don’t want to help out, or invest in someone’s life, or something similar, without establishing a strong connection. 

How much should be invested? Where? On whom? These are the big questions. Because changing the world only gets real when we change people’s lives. The lives of people like Juliana, Marcelo, Maria, Pedro, Sofia. And if this can be somehow replicated, it will also impact their families. 

At Gauss you know exactly whose lives you are changing and you can follow it closely. We are here to provide those who can’t access it with quality education.

We offer scholarships and mentoring for students who believe in education as a tool for transformation – but, for many reasons, they were prevented from accessing it. 

We invest in lives. We believe in people. Do you also believe in them? 

Then join us because your role is essential.

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Aracaju - Brasília - Curitiba - São Paulo



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